Cyrus Daily Messages

A darshan program was held at 10:30 A.M. on June 6th (1935)at Naoroji Dadachanji’s house in Dadar, where about forty select lovers had a final
chance to see Baba before he left for an unknown destination. During this
occasion in Bombay, Baba had the following message read out:

As already explained to all my lovers, I am leaving here today to retire into the mountains in seclusion for one year. My going to the mountains this time is concerned with a great work that is universal and is the stepping stone toward the future manifestation. The actual spot has long since been decided but is not known to anyone as yet, nor will it be known to any until I am already there. I will take only two of the mandali with me. All others are given different duties in the ashrams in Meherabad, Poona, Ahmednagar, Bombay and so on.

Those of you who are in the world already have your duties assigned to you toward the dear ones of your families and also toward humanity, and each of you has to do that duty cheerfully, facing everything that comes boldly and calmly, never trying to shirk or avoid it with any erroneous ideas of renunciation or with a desire to go to the mountains. God, Truth or Ultimate Reality, whatever one may term it, is not found only on mountains or in caves. True religion or spirituality is in the proper performance of one’s duties toward one’s own and also toward others in a spirit of selfless service and universal brotherhood, facing all the vicissitudes in life boldly and cheerfully. With love as the guiding force, all this is easily possible.

The very idea of a long separation is so painful to those who love, and I know how keenly the dear devotees will feel. But love is always like that: it unites in separation. The more the separations, the deeper love grows. It is through tests of keenly felt separations that hearts throbbing with love are brought closer.

All have to suffer for love. Jesus suffered all his life for love. I suffered none the less and have yet to suffer much. These times are no better than those of old when Jesus was stoned and had to suffer crucifixion. I am crucified every moment, as none of you can ever imagine.

This retiring in seclusion is for the great work of humanity and this work must be done. Let none feel sad or despondent, but feel always in harmony and love toward all.

Remember, I am always with you and will ever help you internally in your efforts to face and bear calmly everything that comes during the trying period that is ahead.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 6, 1961.

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