Cyrus Daily Messages

On September 15th, (1931) Baba asked Charles Purdom how he was feeling. Purdom replied, “I feel that everything from my head has entered my heart and there is a burning sensation in my chest.”

“Good,” gestured Baba. And he explained to him about the three types of faith: intellectual faith, faith by sight and faith by experience.

After interviews, Baba went for a walk with the group to the valley where Meredith and Margaret sang songs about him. Baba was in a splendid mood and mentioned for the first time about his mission for the world, and revealed that he was the Avatar. In the history of the world, this was the first time that the Avatar was consecrating the soil of the Western hemisphere by his presence. For the first time, Baba candidly disclosed to his followers in England that he was the Avatar, the Messiah, the Christ for whom the world had long been waiting, whereas in India, all his devotees were still referring to him as a Sadguru – a Perfect Master.

Although God first appeared in physical form in the East,
He first revealed himself to be the Avatar in the West.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 4, pp. 1418 – 1419.