Cyrus Daily Messages

As instructed, on Sunday, March 31st, Sohrabji Siganporia and Kishanchand Gajwani arrived at Guruprasad from Bombay. Gajwani wanted to live with Baba permanently. Upon seeing the two men, Baba first asked Gajwani, “Do you want me or God?”

Gajwani replied, “You, Baba!”

“Then will you do as I tell you?”

With folded hands, Gajwani said, “Yes, Baba.”

“You should sever all connections with your household; listen to me and carry out my wishes.”

“I have come prepared for that. My son, Nariman, is proceeding to New York tomorrow and I have informed him that I will be disconnected from the family, business matters and remain here with you from today.”

“If I tell you to strip naked and wander about Bombay, would you do it?”

“Your grace will help me to do it,” Gajwani said.

“Leave aside grace; would you do it?” Baba demanded.

“Yes, I will,” Gajwani said.

Baba then asked Siganporia, “Do you want me or God?”

“You, Baba!”

“Would you do as I tell you?”


“Would you walk about naked in Bombay?”

Siganporia said,”My modest nature would not permit me to do this. Barring this order, I will still listen to you, Baba, and carry out whatever else you say.”

“You have failed in your resolve; you should have said yes. You are a fool! I was not going to order you to do it!”

“But how can I be hypocritical?” Siganporia pleaded.

In response, Baba just smiled and forgiving Siganporia remarked, “Don’t worry. I know the love of both of you for me.”

Baba then instructed Gajwani to go to Hazrat Babajan’s tomb and with a bowed head pray there for an hour every day. While in Poona, he was allowed to visit Bombay intermittently, and this went on for a few months. Siganporia returned to Bombay.

[Beloved Baba had appointed Sorabji as the first President and Kishinchand as the first Vice President of the Avatar Meher Baba Bombay Centre, Mumbai, which was inaugurated on Baba’s sixty-eighth birthday on February 25, 1962].

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 18, pp 6099 – 6100.

Sorabji Siganporia with Beloved Baba

Kishinchand Gajwani