Cyrus Daily Messages

Although the two weeks of darshan were now over, on Thursday, June 1st, (1961) Deshmukh appeared at the gates of Guruprasad with his family from Nagpur. Meherdas prevented them from entering. Deshmukh’s family had had Baba’s darshan, but his daughter, Sanjeevani, had brought her new husband. Baba saw them from the veranda and beckoned them to come. Seeing Baba, Indumati burst out weeping and Deshmukh too. Allowing them to see him from a distance, Baba retired inside.

Another who lingered on in Poona was G. S. N. Moorty of Calcutta. He used to keep watch at the gates of Guruprasad from morning to evening with the hope that if someone happened to come by and be allowed inside, he would follow and thus be able to see Baba again.

Baba made Aloba sit on the veranda telling him, “If Moorty comes inside, stop him at a distance.” Moorty would accept the mail from the postman at the gates and bring it in, but Aloba would run and take it from him. If Moorty came with the excuse of conveying some message or information, Aloba would ask what it was.

One day Vishnu’s cousin, Indu, came with her husband Vishwanath Haldankar. Moorty thought this was his chance to cross the gate. Happily he entered the precincts to give the news, but Aloba stopped Moorty and he himself went to inform Vishnu.

Hearing Aloba, Pendu came outside to the gates and explained to the couple about the restrictions against darshan. They insisted on seeing Baba. Becoming fed up with their resistance, Pendu returned inside and the Haldankars sat down under a tree. Moorty was anticipating that surely Baba would call them. But after waiting a few hours, the couple became frustrated and left. Vishnu, too, did not come out to see them and Moorty lost his chance. Still he waited patiently near the gates two or three days, trying to devise a means of entry. All his efforts were in vain. Worn down, he returned to Kharagpur, realizing it was far wiser to obey Baba’s behests and come only when called.

As Baba stated to a small gathering at Guruprasad one day: “Unless you give up the breath of your desire and die to yourself, you cannot make me the breath of your life and live forever.”

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