Cyrus Daily Messages

The experience of P. V. L. Narasimham of Kakinada is perhaps typical of many who were meeting Baba for the first time. (May 1965). Narasimham described how Baba appeared when he stepped onto the stage that morning:

… His body seemed to emanate a perceptible radiance, as if some fluorescent material was lit up under the transparent golden skin of his body. Just as ships caught in a storm in darkness gain courage and hope on seeing the flash of a nearby lighthouse, so the many souls struggling for relief in the darkness of ignorance from their ever-tightening bonds of sanskaras, felt hope and joy on seeing Baba, who seemed to emit rays of spiritual light and love.

Being quite cautious by temperament, Narasimham thought that if Meher Baba really possessed the divinity he claimed he did, he should look at him as he took darshan. He related:

Scarcely did I think so when Baba lifted up his head and stared fully at me for an instant. I felt a bit nervous that he read my thoughts and inwardly prayed that no evil or doubtful thoughts should enter my mind.

I bent over to touch Baba’s feet, which were soft as velvet, tender as flower petals and cool like summer ice. It caused a tickling sensation in the body, as if one had caught hold of the handles of a baby dynamo! A ball falling on a soft, yielding surface like sand or cotton will remain lodged in it. I thought Baba’s feet had become particularly soft and yielding to receive and lodge in them the sanskaras which we lay on them through our touch.

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Revised Online Edition, pp. 5142 – 5143.