Cyrus Daily Messages

(Dec. 1957) At the end of a Hindi song, referring to the status of a Sadguru, Baba conveyed: “I am eternally and indivisibly One and continually experience that state. I am myself everything – the drum and the harmonium, the notes and the tunes, and the singers and the listeners! I am everything and in everyone.”

He asked Ramakrishnan, “Do you follow what I say?” He frankly replied he merely heard the words and nothing more. At that Baba smiled and continued: “Such is the state of consciousness of the one in the Sadguru or Qutub state. It is all sahaj  – natural, spontaneous. There is no scope for thought since a Sadguru and Qutub has become Knowledge Itself. However, though I am everything in everyone, the expression of this partial awareness is occasional.”

To make it more clear, Baba continued: “You know that you are in all the parts of your body, but you are not all the time aware of being in each part of the body. Only sometimes you say: ‘This is my nose, this is my eye.’ You are your little finger and are in it. Yet ordinarily you are not aware of it as yours. But when the little finger is cut off, you become specifically aware of it as ‘mine.’

“The Sadguru or Qutub also consciously experiences himself as everything and in everyone, and this Experience is immediate and spontaneous for him every second. It is not a product of thought, just as your experience of being in the little finger. This Experience is sahaj!”


Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 15, p. 5247.