Cyrus Daily Messages

Starting on December 26th, (1968) Baba’s muscle spasms increased. Movements would sometimes precipitate a spasm. By the end of the month, his hemoglobin remained constant at ten percent but his urea level was still high at 136 mg percent.

Dr. Ginde wrote that he was concerned about it and could not understand the cause for it. But after Baba’s second blood transfusion on December 20th, Baba ordered that no doctor should be called unless asked by him. Goher was afraid regarding his urea level, so Donkin was allowed to visit and check Baba’s condition. Whenever the mandali broached the topic of the Poona darshan, Baba would casually reply, “Do not worry about it.” Some days, he would get no spasms, but then they would recur again. Baba would often remark to the mandali, “The Time is very near.”

Thus the last days of 1968 passed painfully. Baba was crushing his body in “the invisible mill of infinite suffering of the forces in all the creation itself,” and both the men and women mandali were anxious and concerned about his fragile health. Baba, however, continued to mask his real physical state, stating: “Do not forget that I am God! I know everything. Simply do as I say.”

He explained: “The pressure of my universal burden reflects upon my physical body. And as the strain of my work in seclusion is severe, the effect on my body is consequently severe. But though the effect is human, the cause is divine, and it is therefore in my hands.” He concluded: “I have taken on the form of man to take on the suffering of Man.”

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 20, pp. 6692 – 6693.