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WITH BABA’S CONSENT, the secretary of the Bombay Centre, Sohrabji
Siganporia, arranged a darshan program in Bombay, and Baba left
Meherazad on December 20th, with the women mandali, accompanied in
another car by Eruch, Baidul, Bhau, and Savak. They again stayed at
Ashiana, and at night the men slept at Rupamai’s home. Baba liked the
arrangements made by Nariman, Arnavaz and Katie, and felt quite at
home in the apartment. Arnavaz kept a bed for Baba in the main sitting

Siganporia had organized the darshan in the spacious Sunderbai Hall.
The Poona bhajan mandali and some other out-of-town lovers were also
present. Baba arrived at the hall at 8:00 A.M. on Sunday, December
22nd, and was warmly received with the usual acclamations. The hall
was packed. Supporting himself on Eruch and Adi’s shoulders, Baba
climbed up the dais, where with folded hands he offered his salutation
to the gathering. Burjor Mehta recited the Parvardigar Prayer in
Gujarati, after which Baba sat on a cushioned armchair.

The darshan started as hundreds of men and women filed past him from
separate lines. By turns, Madhusudan and a Qawaal kept the music
flowing, and a renowned singer from Bombay named Devendra had also
come. Devendra had a fine opportunity to sing before Baba, who
appreciated his talents. When the darshan ended at noon, almost three
thousand people had been fortunate enough to come in contact with the
Avatar. To close the program, first the Gujarati and then the Hindi
artis were sung.

Among those in attendance was Dr. Daulat Singh’s nephew, Trilok Singh,
from Uganda, who arrived late because his plane flight to India from
Africa was delayed. Baba often inquired whether he had arrived. Trilok
Singh had attended the sahavas programs at Meherabad, and had invited
Baba to give mass darshan in Africa. He brought his entire family to
Bombay, including his nine-year-old son, Hardip, and all became
devoted followers.

In the afternoon, a smaller function was held in Hasmat Hall for
Baba’s close lovers. It was more like a sahavas than a darshan

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 15, pp. 5251 – 5252.

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Meher Baba at Sunderbai Hall, Bombay