Cyrus M. Khambata Daily Messages

Early that same evening, (August 1926) Baba was sitting in the Makan in a very pleasant and expansive mood. From among those sitting around him, his eyes fell on Gopal Swamy. Baba asked him, ‘”Tell me what you most desire?”

Gopal said, “Nothing.”

Baba pressed him, “Go on, ask me. Ask for anything. Tell me your desires now and I will grant them!” Gopal kept quiet and only smiled at Baba.

“Speak out,” gestured Baba. “Empty your head and heart before me! Now is the time. I, of my own accord and will, am asking you to have your desires fulfilled. Now is the time when I am in that mood.”

The other mandali too began encouraging Gopal to speak up. Gopal finally let out one word: “Mukti!” – Liberation!

Baba smiled and gestured, “Granted. So be it!” Then Baba remarked to the mandali, “Gopal is a very good and sincere devotee. He is the only determined and staunch keeper of my orders. Out of the many (yogis, sadhus, fakirs and ascetics) who have come seeking spiritual advancement, he is the only one who has survived and not run away on one pretext or another. He obeys me without question and willingly accepts whatever food is offered to him.”

Gopal Swamy came to stay at Meherabad in January 1926 and agreed to follow Baba’s orders for one year. Under Baba’s direction he was observing silence for certain hours each day, and was also instructed to repeat God’s name while sitting under a tree by the road.

Baba continued, “I will fulfill your wish and in this birth.” Testing him, Baba asked, “But suppose I were to give you the form of a donkey, a leper or a cripple in the next?”

Gopal humbly replied, “As you wish, Baba, if it would be your pleasure.”

. . . Gopal Swamy then related how he had first come to Meherabad. He had previously visited Upasni Maharaj at Sakori and Narayan Maharaj at Kedgaon. Once while he was in Dhond, someone told him that another Sadguru lived at Arangaon. He began walking there and along the way felt very thirsty. He saw an old villager drawing water from a well and approached him. The old man talked with him at length. When he found out that he was in search of a Master, he offered Gopal a cactus fruit, saying, “This is the food which Sadgurus eat. Gopal unhesitatingly ate the peculiar fruit, whereupon the man said, “Go to Arangaon and nowhere else. He is there. Go to him and your desire will be fulfilled. The Master who will guide you and give you what you want is in Arangaon.” Gopal followed the man’s advice and met Meher Baba the next day.

Hearing this story, Baba remarked, “Do you know who that old man was? It was me in disguise!”

Lord Meher, 1st., ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 3, pp. 835 – 837.


Cyrus M. Khambata Daily Messages

Dear Baba family,

The Bombay Centre has arranged a trip to Meherabad and Meherazad on 23rd Saturday and 24th Sunday of September.

The boarding points are Bhatia (reporting time 5:40 am. the bus leaves on the dot of 6:00 am.) Lalbaug, Parel, Dadar, Sion, and New Bombay. The first four rows are for elders 70 and above. You will first check in before you board the bus.

In the West the in the early days, the Jews and the blacks sat in the back of the bus, here the youngsters sit at the back of the bus.

The cost including transport by Zubin’s Royal Fleet Volvo or Mercedes coaches, lodging and Board at MPR is Rs. 2,200/- as advance (On actual cost sharing). Cheques favouring ‘Avatar Meher Baba Bombay Centre’ are welcome.

You will do your own booking at   On receipt of the confirmation from MPR please book your transport at the Centre with Bomi Bomanji on any Tuesday or Sunday evening.

You will provide:

Your name, cell nos. names of any person in emergency and cell no. and your email id and boarding from.

OR Email me on or WhatsApp me on 9820967005

Moving about in the bus is a strict no no when the bus is moving. Collections will be accepted at the Centre or at MPR on reaching.

For the first timers I am willing to book. I will need the following for the MPR Master data bank:

Full name including the full middle name
Date of birth including the year ( Not the age please)
cell and home tel nos.
Postal address including the PIN code
e mail i d
ICE: Name and cell no of a person in emergency who is in Nagar, Pune or Mumbai.

We are very strict with the timing. We do NOT take head count at every point. It is assumed that you are in the bus at given time.

Tentative programme:

Saturday the 23rd:

Explaining the murals in the dinning hall for the first timers at 4.30 pm.

Bus leaves for Samadhi at 5.15pm

Baba film in the dinning Hall after dinner at 9 pm

Sunday the 24th:

Morning aarti- the bus leaves on the dot of 6.15 am after tea.

The bus leaves on the dot of 9.30 am for Meher Darbar for you to pick up Baba’s books, CDs, Photo frames, trinkets etc. 30 minutes’ halt.

I will narrate the story of why Baba chose to move from Meherabad to Meherazad in the late 40s in the bus onwards to Meherazad.

New comers are requested to stick to me for the conducted tour of Meherazad.

We hope to reach Dadar say at 7 pm and Bhatia at 8 pm.

Please forward to the like minded.

In His love.

Jimmy  98209 67005


Cyrus M. Khambata Daily Messages

While staying in Harvan, Baba explained to the mandali about freedom from desires:

As long as a person is not free from desires, he is not ready for emancipation. Desires, both good and bad, are binding. Good desires bind a person with golden chains, and bad with iron ones. Why do you feel restless? Because you have a thousand thoughts of wife, children and the world. One should be free of wishes and desires, but they are there. What creates them? What desires these desires, and what thinks these thoughts? The mind.

As long as desires persist, there is no freedom. One who is completely desireless becomes King of kings. But a person has no idea how to become desireless. Freedom from desires is real life. One has to go beyond desires to enjoy freedom. This freedom can never be imagined; it is beyond the mind. The mind creates desires and as long as the mind continues and does not die, a person cannot extricate himself and enjoy freedom.

The soul is like a bird. When all desires vanish, the bird’s eyes open. It sees God and becomes one with Him. I am that God whom the bird sees when its eyes open. But desires blind the bird and it cannot see me, though I am standing right in front of it.

Lord Meher, 1st., ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 4, p. 1190


Cyrus M. Khambata Daily Messages

In Mangom, Baba communed with a jalali mast named Pandit Kashkak. He was a very high and powerful old mast, nearly seventy years old. He was mostly of a jalali temperament, and his fiery physical appearance reminded Baba of Upasni Maharaj when he encountered him.

When Baba was working alone with Pandit Kashkak, Baig sneaked around and curiously peeped into the room. He saw Baba on his knees, putting his head on the mast’s feet many times and thought the mast Kashkak must be much higher than Baba. When Baba came out after his work, he began scolding Kaka and Baidul harshly, “I told you both to be on guard. What were you two doing while I was inside?

“While working with the mast I had forbidden anyone to see me. But today, because of your carelessness, someone was allowed to commit a very grave blunder. Had I not saved that man he would have turned into ashes.”

Kaka and Baidul did not know what Baba was talking about, but by this, Baig was convinced the “Big Man from Bombay” was aware of everything. He had been careful to look inside the room from a place where it was impossible for Baba to have seen him.

Lord Meher, 1st., ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 8, p. 2972.


Cyrus M. Khambata Daily Messages

Although Baba’s exclusion work ended on the 30th of July, 1968, he kept working alone in his room for twenty minutes in the afternoons. He commented: “Something was left out from the last stages of my work, which I have to make up.” He later called it “the tail” of his work.

Now that the major part of his work was completed, Baba began spending more time with the men in Mandali Hall every morning and from 1:30 P.M. in the afternoon. In the mornings, he would listen as Bhau read out his Hindi translation of The Wayfarers. Eruch would massage Baba’s feet while Bhau read.

During the past several months, Baba’s feet had changed and become as hard as stone. The skin had become so thick that a sharp needle would not penetrate the skin. The result of his work had severely affected his legs and feet, and his body had grown weak. Still, Baba would hide the true state of his health from even the mandali and appear, although extremely tired, as if his health were stable enough to give hope that it would improve.

Before settling in his chair, Baba would take a walk up and down the hall, Kaka walking beside him like a protective guard. Kaka continued to provide Baba with moments of entertainment and merriment at such times when he would mispronounce or misname objects and people, using his new language with supreme confidence. More than once, Baba remarked, “While everybody adds to my burden, Kaka removes a fraction of it.”

Baba would be most particular about the exact time, and would always leave the hall at the appointed time (11:00 A.M.), no matter how keenly he would appear to be listening to a discussion that had arisen, or to some articles or news items being read out. He never failed to keep an eye on the wall clock.

One day, referring to the present state of the world, “a big mess,” Baba bemoaned: “Of all my advents, in the present one, I am exercising my patience to the utmost.”

On another occasion, he remarked to the mandali: “You are all nothing but broken-down furniture! But it is I who have selected you, so you must be what I want.”

Lord Meher, 1st., ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 20, p. 6643.


Cyrus M. Khambata Daily Messages

Maya is the infinite shadow of God’s Infinity. To use an analogy, when the sun appears just over the horizon, the shadow projected by any object appears much bigger than the object itself. But when the sun is directly overhead, the shadow disappears and the object is trampled,  as it were, underfoot. Thus it is that, in my present phase of helplessness and humiliation, the sun’s rays must appear faint and weak and the shadow appear larger and more potent than that which creates the shadow, seemingly overriding the object beyond all proportion.

But when God (the sun) is at His zenith at the time of His manifestation, Maya (the shadow) disappears, being virtually nonexistent and powerless under the full and direct force of the sun’s rays. This will be the victory over Maya, when the forces of ignorance and darkness disappear in the glory of God’s manifestation through me.

Applying the analogy to yourself as an individual, when you turn your face toward the sun (God), your shadow (Maya) lies behind you, and although still existent, it has no power over you. But when you turn your back to the sun, you carry your shadow before you and are constantly aware of it, following in its wake. Therefore, even though you cannot by yourself get rid of your shadow, if you turn your back on it and keep facing the sun, at the time of God’s full ascendance and glory, your shadow will disappear forever.

I want all my lovers to guard against Maya’s tricks and hold firmly on to my daaman.

Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 16, pp. 5625 – 5626.


Cyrus M. Khambata Daily Messages

Meher Baba would explain about the past Avatars to the mandali. On August 16th, (1926) he revealed about Prophet Muhammad:

Infidels knocked out the teeth of Prophet Muhammad and he did not let out even a single sigh! As Masters, our ways are quite opposite to the ways of the world. We outwardly harass those who love us, and we do nothing to those who despise us. We nourish our enemies and kill our friends! Muhammad was one of us and his teeth were broken by stones. Look at what happened to Jesus – he was crucified. We crush the eyeballs of our lovers underneath our heels and ignore our foes. We mercilessly tyrannize our lovers and even murder them. But no one has the right or the daring to ask us why we do it.

When one is in contact with a Sadguru, yoga is meaningless and totally useless. What is the use of fasting for even a hundred years to attain God? What is the use of dying a physical death for God? Just remember my one instruction: remain bowed – submit to my wish. You have to become like the dust beneath my feet.

Do not desire occult powers; they are obstacles on the path. Take a spider, for instance. It is all right as long as it remains still, but the moment it starts weaving a web, it gets so entrapped it cannot free itself. The more it tries, the more it gets entangled, caught in its own web.

Lord Meher, 1st ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 3, p. 833.


Cyrus M. Khambata Daily Messages

Walker Lambert, a senior student of Sufism Reoriented, is on a business trip to India and would be visiting our Centre on Sunday 3rd September 2017.

Walker will be hosting a PowerPoint presentation which Murshida Conner has prepared that summarizes recent projects they have undertaken in Meher Baba’s service in California.

Walker would also be extending on behalf of Murshida Conner an invitation to the young Baba lovers of our Bombay Centre to attend the American Young Adult Sahavas scheduled in the beginning of the next year.

The Sahavas to be held in Washington DC and Walnut Creek, California, is designed as a workshop to augment and refine skills in making films dedicated to our Beloved.

The Sunday 3rd September programme will start one hour early, that is, at 4:30 pm sharp instead of 5:30 pm.

You are requested to be on time so as not to cause any disturbance to others when the presentation is on.

Please make it a point to attend as it would give us an opportunity to witness the nature and magnitude of work done by the Sufism Reoriented in the USA.

Please inform others in your contact.

In Beloved Baba’s love,


Cyrus M. Khambata Daily Messages

I am in all – in both great and petty things. All are nothing, so why give importance to anything? I take as much enjoyment in looking after the mad, being with the mandali, ordering my agents, looking after the great Universal work, as in bringing eggs to Hedi (Mertens) and mail for you all. You cannot escape petty things, because everything except God is petty. What you can do is to be detached. Use the petty things, but know they are petty and so remain unattached to them.

For example, false teeth are for eating; they are attached in your mouth. You know they are false and you can take them out; attached and detached, you make use of them.

The dirty body, which I call the walking latrine, is used for the soul to realize itself. Can you escape from it? You cannot escape its perspiration, so what you do is wash away the sweat. But if all day you go on brooding, “Why do I perspire? I must not perspire,” it is of no use. You cannot escape, but you can become detached.

Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol 7, p. 2314.


Cyrus M. Khambata Daily Messages

Dear Baba family,

The Avatar Meher Baba Bombay Centre has arranged a two-day pilgrimage to Meherabad and Meherazad on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of September 2017.
The all  inclusive cost is Rs.2,200/-. The transport is by Zubin’s Royal Fleet and the stay is at MPR.
Boarding points are Bhatia, Lal Baug, Parel, Dadar and New Mumbai. The reporting time at Bhatia General Hospital is 5:45 am latest. The bus leaves at 6:00 sharp.
Please do your booking first for MPR and on confirmation contact the Centre.
For the first timers please send the following details for MPR booking :
Full name, including full middle name
DOB ( date of birth. NOT the age)
Cell no.
Postal Address
ICE – Name of the contact person in case of emergency and cell no. (not travelling)
At the Centre while giving the name please give your contact number, boarding from, and ICE details (Even if given earlier) and e mail i d.
Please forward to the like minded.
In His love and service.
Jimmy F. Khan
98209 67005