Cyrus Daily Messages

(April 1955) Whatever Baba does or explains is beyond human understanding – and it is not one’s fault not to understand me. For how can you understand the Perfect One?

Some such things had happened at the times of Jesus and Muhammad. Jesus was crucified and Muhammad was stoned and had to flee [Mecca]. Such actions on the part of Perfect Ones are not understood by the people.

I give promises and break them. This has been going on continually. Some mandali members think if I stop giving promises, I will be honored much. If some intimate ones feel like this, what would those lovers think who get my sahavas (intimate company) only occasionally. Yet sometimes I myself think, why should I act like this? But that is all!

In spite of my Declaration, Clarification, Confirmation and Decision, last night a thought came to me: “What was the necessity of issuing a clarification, confirmation and decision after the Declaration?” And I got the answer.

Now try to understand. When the Declaration was given out, the last three were bound to follow. The phases were implied in the Declaration itself. This whole process may be likened to a full-grown mango tree. The Declaration can be compared with the sprouting of the tree, just above the ground. The Clarification with the growing trunk and the branches. The Confirmation with the blossom, and the Decision with the mangoes.

To give another simile, a day is made up of four pahar (parts). Each pahar is of three hours. Day begins with the first pahar. The last pahar is followed by the previous three to complete a day. Similarly, the life of a man is divided into four main stages, such as childhood, youth, middle age or maturity and old age. In every stage of creation, you will find these stages.

If we look at the genesis of the universe, we will find the same thing. In the Beginningless Beginning, that is, in the Beyond-Beyond state, God was unconscious, infinite. The “urge,” or lahar, to know Himself which God had can be compared with the Declaration. Once the urge was there, it could not be stopped. Then out came creation, evolution and involution, the next three phases. God is also infinite Knowledge; so as soon as the urge “Who Am I?” arose, He got the answer “I Am God.” But at the same time, the intervening stages were necessary. Through creation, the answer was clarified; through evolution the answer was confirmed, and involution decided that “He was God!”

It is very difficult to explain all these things, for they lie beyond the domain of intellect. A Persian poet has said:

“As soon as you step on the threshold of spirituality,
you need different ears to hear and different eyes to see.”

Tukaram has also said:

“The ways of the Masters stand in contradiction
to those of the world.”

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 13, PP. 4621 – 4622.