Cyrus Daily Messages

During Baba’s seclusion, he had instructed the women to send the dog Warrior to him for a certain period, and Baba himself fed the dog in the mast ashram. After this, Warrior was not well, and Elizabeth, who was looking after him, took him to the veterinarian for medicine and treatment. But Warrior did not recover, and at 10 A.M. on Saturday, September 28th, (1940) died on Meherabad Hill. Baba came to see the women, and led them to a spot near Nonny’s grave, where he stated Warrior should be buried. When the pit was dug, Baba helped with the burial.

Elizabeth was feeling sad, and in the evening Baba sent her a message: “Be happy. Warrior has come to me.” But no one knew how special Warrior really was until Baba explained it to them the next day:

Elizabeth, listen carefully, and you will be proud of Warrior’s share in my work. What I am telling you is the truth, and I am not saying it just to please you. As a matter of fact, Avatars, Sadgurus and Masters never reveal their way of working. If they do so, it entails more work for them. The Sufis say,

“One who has found the Truth,
hides it eternally.”

And it is absolutely so. This means that one who is God-Realized never reveals the Truth in ordinary words.

God’s work is hidden work, the same as the Perfect Masters’ secret work. But today I will give you an inkling of how their work is done from the case of Warrior. First, you all must understand that just as there are seven planes of consciousness – seven spiritual states – so also are there seven states of understanding. It is always seven. The number seven is the divine number. The seven understandings are:

1.  Instinct

2.  Intellect

3.  Inspiration

4.  Intuition

5.  Insight

6.  Illumination

7.  Realization

Instinct governs the animal world; intellect, humans; inspiration for those humans whose feelings are developed – like poets and artists. Intuition is for those advanced souls who have conscious visions and understanding true to the point. What you understand by intuition is always true. What you understand by intellect is sometimes true and sometimes not.

Souls on the fourth and fifth planes have insight; their understanding is direct, without thinking with the mind. Illumination means seeing God as He is. The understanding is divine. Realization is understanding oneself as God.

During the process of evolution of forms and consciousness, there are seven turns until the human form develops. Now, every turn has a direct connection with God. We will not now mention the other six turnings; for instance, in the vegetable kingdom, tulsi (the holy basil plant) is on the turning. In the animal kingdom, a dog is on the turning, as it has intuition and also partial insight, without being able to use it consciously.

Saints of the fifth and sixth planes have insight, and they use it. But the dog cannot use it. The dog only sees things that ordinary human beings cannot. The dog’s company purifies thoughts and atmosphere. That is why Zoroastrians have the custom of bringing a dog to see the corpse when someone is dead before disposal of the body; the dog purifies the sanskaras.

Dogs play an important part when used consciously by the Master. In my seclusion of about ten days, I wanted a dog for some work of my own – I won’t tell you what. I could not use Chum, nor any of the other pets. The dog I wanted had to be fresh, new, innocent and young. So, before seclusion, it all came about that Khorshed happened to mention an Alsatian puppy, and eventually we got Warrior. I said, “He is my dog.” I did not say so about Jingo and Bingo or the other pets. Warrior, you all understood, was Baba’s dog! Warrior was not actually a dog, but was temporarily brought down from the spirit world to do this work. I needed a dog for that kind of work. I won’t go too deeply into the matter.

So Warrior came, and I kept on telling Elizabeth that he was to be near me. But I also knew that it would be difficult, as things would crop up that would create obstacles. Therefore, for the first few days, Warrior suffered from worms, germs, et cetera. Eventually, I had him for the time I wanted him. I knew he would die, just as I know that before July 1st, 1941, Chum too will die. So after I worked with him, I fed him with my own hands and gave him water to drink. When my work was over, I sent him back.

Soon after, he got ill, and I discussed with ‘Soltoon’s sister’ (meaning Baidul, since no man’s name would be mentioned in front of the women) where to bury him when he died. We finally selected that spot. When Warrior got very ill, I saw that if he died within three days, he would again have to take another birth, which would not have been safe for him. I saw to it that he did not pass away. So, when in those three days he did not die, I was happy. Now, no more birth for him!

When Masters touch the dead bodies of animals, the animals get human forms in their next lives. Those animals who are in contact with Masters get forms of spiritual souls in the next birth. But, for Warrior, no more birth!

Had he died within three days, it would have been different. I remember how he came to my gaadi the last time I saw him. I patted him. I knew he would die. He played a part in my work which none of you can ever grasp. He shared my work and now he is free.

Even Chum will not be so lucky. He will die before July 1941, and will be buried next to Warrior. But he will come back as a yogi. Kippy will also be a yogi in her next birth. I will not go deeply into details, because it would not make you understand anything more clearly. But I have given you some idea of my working.

Warrior, who kept me company in seclusion, died. I am happy. He died in time and not before. Even I could not have stopped that. The work was of such a kind that had I stopped it, the whole thing would have been in a mess! He was a real warrior! He played an actual part in my work.

How God works! He just takes a spirit from the spirit world, gives it form, works with it, and when it is over, takes it away! Ram’s Hanuman, Baba’s Warrior!

Elizabeth, you are not God-Realized. You naturally feel sad about Warrior’s death, but knowing what I explained to you, you should be happy.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 7, pp. 2617 – 2619.