Cyrus Daily Messages

During Baba’s stay in Nasik, boils appeared on his body and began causing him much pain. On August 5th, (1930) Dr. Nilu was specially called from Bombay to give Baba an injection. When he was given the injection, Baba, being in a candid mood, explained the mysterious significance of his ailment:

These boils are of different types – one irritating, one itching, one full of pus, one very small, one very large. Why are they all so different and peculiar? The explanation is that each represents a particular country or continent. For instance, that one on my anus represents India, the other on my buttocks represents Persia and so on – different types according to the sanskaras of the country it represents.

This means, in short, that there are no physical defects on my body. Whatever physical ailments you see are due to the sanskaras taken on from the world at large, for whose benefit and welfare I work.

It is similar in the case of the other Sadgurus. Upasni Maharaj has piles; Sai Baba regularly had high fevers. I have stomach trouble, dysentery, blisters and these boils.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 4, p. 1326.