Cyrus Daily Messages

Baba continued to work with local masts in Hyderabad throughout August 1945. One day, Baba contacted a mast called Nuruddin, who despite being a heavy drinker of toddy, was an exceptionally good mast. On this occasion, while riding in a tonga with Baba the mast spotted a toddy shop, and clearly indicated to Baba to make the driver stop the tonga so he could refresh himself with a couple of drinks. Baba treated him to his favorite spirit.

Continuing on, riding through the streets of Hyderabad, Baba was seated beside Nuruddin in the tonga. Eruch and Baidul were following in another tonga. At one spot, Baidul saw the mast Rajiah Mastan alongside the road and beckoned to him. He was most unclean, wore a heavy, filthy turban and was holding a bundle of broken bits of glass. On Baba’s signal, Rajiah sat in the tonga with Baidul and Eruch. Baidul held on to him in the tonga as they slowly drove off, while a crowd of school children, as if overcome by some play of the gods, surged beside the tonga in a merry-go-round of fun and laughter jeering and tugging at the mast. Rajiah appeared to relish the focus of so much laughter and fun, and Baba was delighted by the playing of the children. These children’s innocence was a befitting tribute, reflecting the purity of the mast.

On Tuesday, August 7th, Baba worked with the chargeman of Hyderabad, Sayyed Mu’inuddin, the sixth plane mast-saint, a lame, elderly man who would sweep the roadside with his hands, smoked cigarettes a lot and would eat plates of barfi (a fudge-like sweet made from condensed milk). Baba communed with him three times, but the last time, on August 7th, he had to wait for three hours before the saint would allow himself to be fed. Baba fed him a hearty meal with his own hands, but afterwards, Sayyed Mu’inuddin asked for mincemeat and chapatis, which Baidul brought from a restaurant. The mast did full justice to this, and then asked for barfi. He was given this, too, and next demanded more cigarettes, which Baba also lovingly provided. Baba was very pleased with this contact.

Again on August 8th, Baba was out in the streets of the city doing mast work; and on August 9th, he worked with the high mast named Gulam Hussein.

These contacts were particularly significant in light of the fact that on August 6th the first atomic bomb was dropped by America on Hiroshima, and three days later, August 9th, another atom bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. Both cities were devastated and each suffered casualties estimated at one hundred thousand dead.

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