Cyrus Daily Messages

(Jan 1958) Baba had sent word beforehand that he would not be giving darshan, and that no one should come to see him at Ashiana except for those few he called. He did, however, go with the men to see the Cecil B. De Mille movie The Ten Commandments at the Regal Cinema, but he stayed only up to the part when Moses sees God (as the burning bush) on Mount Sinai. Afterwards, Baba revealed:

Moses was on the sixth plane. His seeing the land of Israel but not being able to enter it is symbolic of his experience on the sixth plane of seeing God, but not yet merging in Him. Though when he dropped his body Moses realized God. I liked this picture very much; it was well acted and well made. It has much to give those who are able to receive it. Rameses [II] in his next incarnation entered the Path; the old Pharaoh [Seti] received mukti, because he took Moses’ name when dying.

Baba then recalled his meeting with Cecil B. De Mille in Hollywood in 1932. Later, the women mandali were also sent to see the movie. While climbing the stairs to the theater’s balcony, Baba was supported on one side by Homa Dadachanji and on the other by Homa’s brother, Dara. Homa had a long history of leg problems and Dara had recently injured his knee. After the movie, Baba joked, “It was a sight for the gods! Here I was, injured myself, leaning on two cripples.”

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 15, p. 5264.