Cyrus Daily Messages

(Aug. 1953) SOMEONE CLAIMED that the mandali’s quarters (at 101 Rajpur Road) housed an “evil spirit.” It was thought to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who had committed suicide there years ago. Krishna Nair wanted a room to himself, because after doing his nightwatch duty he needed to rest for some time during the morning. But Baba did not allow him a separate room for fear the ghost would kill him.

To get rid of the spirit, Nilu suggested, “Chilies and hair should be burned over charcoal and the smoke should be spread throughout the bungalow.” Baba accepted his suggestion and told him to put the burning coals in a small stove and carry it around the house seven times, chanting: “Chhoo, chhoo, chhoo!” Nilu did accordingly, but due to the burning chilies, his eyes teared and he was coughing as he was uttering: “Chhoo, chhoo, chhoo!” Baba was greatly amused by the ridiculousness of his plight.

During Krishna’s nightwatch, Baba told him to remain outside, and not to enter Baba’s room. Krishna never saw the spirit, but he did hear a woman laughing. He asked Baba if he could come inside when he heard the laughter. Baba stated, “No, and do not sit outside either. Go in the next room and close the door. Don’t come out until I clap; otherwise, something terrible will happen. If you come inside when the ghost is laughing, it will kill you.” Krishna went into the nearby room and locked the door. He sat there for an hour and a quarter before he heard Baba clap. When he came to Baba’s room, Baba was washing his face. Baba told him to sit down and he commented, “The work is finished.” Nothing was heard of the ghost again.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 12, p. 4210.