Cyrus Daily Messages

In accordance with his promise to Kitty’s mother Helena, Baba went with her and Margaret Craske to the home for the needy and met with the old people. (Oct. 1931). Many of the elderly were blind, dumb or deaf. The Master’s ways are his own. Appearing to be dictating various thoughts on his alphabet board, Baba spoke to these old people for a long time. What he revealed was his love. If one were to ask what was said, there are no words to describe the love he gave. Their conversations were not in the language of words.

Much is communicated in silence, but it cannot be written.He took form only to speak in that language, through which
he said all that was necessary without ever uttering a word.
His language was his own which touched the heart, and
only those for whom it was meant understood what he said.

Margaret Craske witnessed how happy Helena Davy was and how fortunate the elderly men and women at the shelter were. These abandoned people were in truth dependents – dependent on God’s mercy. God Himself went to see them and their destitution was reconciled by His coming among them. Baba had comforting words for each person and gave instructions to some. To one old deaf and blind man, Baba conveyed, “At night, take a glass of warm water and as you drink it, recall the feel of my hand on yours and you will be better.” This same man was later well enough to leave his bed and return home. To one woman, Baba gave a rose petal and instructed her to keep it under her pillow.

When Baba returned to the Davys’ home, he remarked to Kitty, “Of all the things I have done in the West, I have enjoyed my visit to the home for the needy the most.”

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 4, p. 1445.