Cyrus Daily Messages

(In July 1956) Around 7:45 A.M., everyone was assembled around the sandy traffic circle. Baba sat on a pine rail fence overlooking the lake. Filis Frederick described the scene:

Presently, he rose and faced west. He was working – his fingers pulsed with the rapid, characteristic gestures. His head was bowed, and his face was drawn and full of suffering. He did, indeed, look as if the suffering of the world were upon him. The others from town joined us in silence, and nothing was heard for a while, but the whir of the crickets and the lapping of the lake.

Then Baba crossed to the opposite side of the traffic circle, and faced east. Again, he worked. Twice more, he moved and stood working, so that he had stood at the four compass points. In the end, his face had cleared, his posture changed, and with one of those rapid alterations of his inner spiritual rhythm, he seemed happy and radiant again.

Baba walked along the pathway to the Barn, beckoning his lovers to follow. After a few hundred feet, he motioned them to stop, and through Eruch, asked them to concentrate for one minute while looking into his eyes. According to Filis Frederick: “We all stood around him and obeyed, for what seemed not one minute, but an eternity, staring into those deep black eye pools.” Baba then moved them into four different groups and hinted that he was working through them for the world.

It was later observed that perhaps Baba’s work was related to or manifested in current world events, because that same day the Suez Canal was seized and nationalized by the new ruler of Egypt, Colonel Gammal Abdel Nasser. This military seizure was in retaliation for the American and British withdrawal of their offer to help Egypt finance its Aswan High Dam across the Nile. That withdrawal of aid had been done in hopes that Nasser’s semi-dictatorial regime would collapse. Also that day the ocean liner Andrea Doria sank.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 14, pp. 5003 – 5004.