Cyrus Daily Messages

The next day, June 6th, (1963) referring to his five Perfect Masters, Baba explained:

Tajuddin Baba, Sai Baba and Hazrat Babajan had both jalali [hot-tempered, fiery] and jamali [gentle, amiable] traits. Upasni Maharaj had only jalali traits, and Narayan Maharaj only jamali. These five Perfect Masters precipitated the advent of the Avatar of this Age.

Of the present five Perfect Masters living on Earth, three are Hindus and two Muslims. [Baba did not reveal their names.] They are all men. My next advent will be after seven hundred years when all five Perfect Masters will be men.

If a man on the fourth plane misuses his powers and if the Qutub is a jamali, he does not bring down the fourth-plane man to stone consciousness, but brings him down only to gross consciousness of an ordinary being. But if the Qutub is of a jalali type, then he will bring about his fall directly back to the stone consciousness!

The Avatar never contacts a man on the fourth plane, for, in that case, the person would automatically lose all his powers. (1) But if the man on the fourth plane approaches a Qutub, he is accepted by him and raised by the Qutub to the fifth plane of consciousness.

Baba continued his discoursing the next day, June 7th:

A Perfect Master can appear in physical form in ten places simultaneously, while the Avatar can do so in a thousand different places simultaneously. A Perfect Master has two types of agents, abdal and avtad. An abdal can take many forms – usually of an old man or a child. Suppose a seeker on the path is very thirsty and is about to die of thirst. A Qutub immediately directs an abdal to go and help him. My father, Sheriarji, was helped by an abdal when dying of thirst and lost in the desert of Kutch. At that time, a man with a long beard carrying a pakhal [a leather waterbag] of water appeared before Sheriarji. No sooner had he drunk the water than the old man vanished.

An abdal does important work mostly in the male form. Abdals have either male or female forms. An abdal of the female form does not appear in the male form, but changes from one female form to another as it suits the duty assigned by the Qutub. Likewise, an abdal of the male form does not appear in the female form. The avtad is always of a male form and does work in the way of odd jobs assigned by the Perfect Master.

(1) Meher Baba did contact a man on the fourth plane in a Buddhist temple in Ceylon during 1934, and another, a sadhu, whom he called a “Big Saint” at a Kumba Mela in Hyderabad during 1940. The point refers to actual physical contact, or sitting alone with an advanced soul stationed on the fourth plane. The title of the man on the fourth plane is Kuber, which refers to a man holding vast wealth, meaning his (occult) powers. Refer to The Nothing and the Everything, pages 84–89.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 18, pp. 6191 – 6192.