Cyrus Daily Messages

Baba was occupied with these visits until late that evening. A touching incident occurred when Baba visited the Venkata Rama Elementary School. Baba’s visit to Eluru had been publicized through handbills containing Baba’s photograph. A small boy had seen one and requested his parents to please take him to meet Meher Baba. But being a strictly orthodox Brahmin family, they could see no point in visiting a “Parsi saint.” The boy wept and refused his dinner, but the parents were unrelenting.

Heartbroken, the boy had gone to school that morning convinced he had missed the opportunity of meeting Meher Baba, although he still ached to do so. He was, therefore, momentarily dumbfounded when Baba entered his classroom. He flung himself into Baba’s waiting arms and wept with joy. Once again, the Divine Beloved had answered his true lover’s prayer.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 12, p. 4314.