Cyrus Daily Messages

On the evening of August 7th, (1925) while bhajans were being sung by the blind singer Bhikolya, it began raining heavily. Not finding Behramji among the gathering, Baba asked where he was, and on the pretext of going to look for him, he began running about in the pouring rain without even taking an umbrella. Baba found Behramji and Gangaram Pawar taking shelter near the well and brought them back with him. All three were soaking wet and had to change their clothes. Baba gave both men quinine tablets, and after putting on Rustom’s overcoat, he returned to his seat.

The singing resumed and Baba suddenly leaned over with a concerned look and gestured to Gulmai about her son, “Rustom has fallen.” He continued listening to the music and Gulmai paid no special attention to his remark. She did not know that Rustom had left Ahmednagar to attend to some work in another town.

The next day, Rustom arrived at Meherabad and declared that his life had been saved by Baba’s grace. The previous evening, as he and a group of persons were returning to Ahmednagar in a truck, they were caught in the rainstorm. Nearing what he thought was a shallow stream, he decided to drive the truck through it. In the middle, however, the truck got stuck in a deep hole filled with sand. Rustom jumped down to determine the exact depth of the stream and he was almost overwhelmed by the force of the strong current. Standing in the rushing water, he was losing his balance when he caught hold of the mudguard and cried out to Baba for strength. With the help of the other passengers, he was pulled back into the truck. After some time, another truck appeared. With some difficulty, they boarded it and reached home, leaving the stranded truck in the flooded stream.

Rustom would have been carried away by the rushing waters had he not caught hold of the mudguard. It was later discovered that this incident happened at the same time when Baba was walking about in the rain looking for Behramji.

Lord Meher, 1st., ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 3, p. 748.

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