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In the blackness of the very early morning of April 3rd, (1950) at 3 A.M., Baba left Motichur for Hardwar on foot, accompanied by Eruch, Pendu, Baidul and Gustadji. Near the area of Nildhara, he contacted recluses, renunciants and sadhus for eleven continuous hours. The total number that day was an overwhelming figure – two thousand nine hundred and sixty-five! Baba knew that by six o’clock, as dawn breaks, that the saints, sadhus and mahatmas after their morning bath in the Ganges River would proceed to their respective hidden abodes. Therefore, Baba took advantage of this opportunity and contacted them early, before they would escape.

At Kankhal that day, thousands of these souls were sitting in circles on the other side of the river. They were the great ascetics and hermits of the most severe or austere type, and it was these that Baba desired to contact; and he did, exerting himself to a near-breaking point. Bowing down, Baba took darshan of one ascetic or hermit after another. He did not miss even one man and penetrated every camp and tent on both sides of the river, until the number nearly reached three thousand. (1)

Baba led the men, walking about twenty miles for these contacts on both sides of the Ganges. By the time he had finished these eleven hours of strenuous labor, he was so fatigued that at one point near the end he could not even stand. Regaining his strength, he decided to ride a bus or truck back, but finding no conveyance available, he and the companions had to trudge wearily back to Motichur. On the way, he lamented, “My whole body is aching terribly …”

Battling and overcoming his physical exhaustion, the next morning, April 4th, Baba led the four companions to the area of Balwala, where he contacted three hundred and thirty-eight more anchorites who had recently come there from other places. At Balwala, the total number of contacts reached ten thousand. When Pendu informed him of this great number, Baba expressed his satisfaction with his labors and that he was highly gratified. In Hardwar and Rishikesh, all the saints, all the sadhus, all the ascetics, all the anchorites, whether they be real or false, ordinary or saintly, were called and addressed as “mahatmas” – great souls or holy men.

(1) Of the ten thousand “holy men” it was felt by the four men present that only a handful were true saints or advanced souls. One account states that only “eight of the ten thousand were true saints.” But “big saints” or “small saints” were all the same to Meher Baba during his New Life. The work with the holy men at the Kumbhla Mela represented contacting the genuine seekers, and Baba himself was playing out that role as a seeker.

Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 10. pp. 3579 -3580.

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