Cyrus Daily Messages

On December 29th, (1927) Baba discoursed about the Avatar:

The Avatar can do all that a Sadguru does. He has and prepares a circle as a Sadguru does, but he does one special thing also. The Avatar can make a person who is not even in the circle, or turned to God (meaning enter the planes), a God-Realized salik with special duty.

If I get the whim, I may make a few selected boys of the ashram God-Realized at once and again bring them back for special duty. But for that the time must come – and also the whim. Krishna was an Avatar and he realized and brought down seventeen persons who were outside his circle; these seventeen were extra God-Realized saliks.

Let me see who now gets the apple! It all depends on love. So leave all this crying about separation and do only one thing – love me. Then I will do something special for not only seventeen, but for many – as many as I like. I have that power. There is no doubt as to that. So create and increase love. And what is the meaning of love? It means but one thing – thinking of me and nothing else.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 3, pp. 1002.