Cyrus Daily Messages

On November 25th, (1964) an Englishman who had become a sanyasi (renunciant) and had taken the Sanskrit name of Mahendra Nath (1) showed up unexpectedly in Meherazad.

During their meeting, Baba asked him, “Where will you proceed from here?”

“Hardwar,” he replied.

“And from Hardwar?”


“How long will you go on wandering like this?”

“I am not wandering but visiting places of pilgrimage.”

Baba explained to him, “God is within and can be found only there. He should be searched for within, not outside! An outward journey to find Him has no value.”

The man answered, “I am in the process of preparing to settle somewhere to live, and after that is complete, my wanderings will stop.”

Baba commented, “It is very difficult to stop wandering. Only when love for God is born does the wandering gradually come to a halt. The mind should turn to ashes in the fire of that love; and when it becomes charred, all your wanderings will cease.”

(1) Mahendra is a Sanskrit name for the Hindu god Indra, meaning “the great among kings.” Nath or Nathan is another Sanskrit name for Krishna, meaning “protector.” It is common for yogis, rishis (sages), munis (silent recluses), sadhus and sanyasis (renunciants) to assume the name of a deity.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 19, p. 6286.