Cyrus Daily Messages

(July 1955). The following is another important incident which relates to carrying out the Master’s wishes. It happened when Baba first moved to Satara. Baba had sent for Meherjee’s car from Bombay, which his driver was bringing. Some distance from Satara the car met with an accident, and the driver was seriously injured and rushed to the hospital in nearby Wai. When the news reached Satara, Eruch hurriedly dressed, while Baba started distributing sweets to the mandali. Baba called Eruch to receive the prasad, but he retorted, “Am I to eat sweetmeats when that poor fellow is dying there?” Baba kept quiet and simply handed him his portion.

After Eruch’s departure, Baba remarked to the other mandali: “Even such sentiments should have no place before my orders. What value have they against my wish? My pleasure is something different, and it is a great thing to remember it. Can anyone be as mindful of others as I am? Everything is in my hands, and all is well if my wish is carried out.”

When Eruch and Pendu arrived at the hospital they found that the driver had been well looked after.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 13, pp. 4637 – 4639.