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A few days after his mast trip, (Oct. 1954) Baba, with Eruch, Baidul, Kumar and Bhau, returned on several occasions to Islampur and Kolhapur to work with two particular masts. Baba would leave Satara in the morning and return the same evening. He worked with a mast in Islampur named Dhondi Bua, a tall figure, who was quite robust and healthy, although completely naked. The mast would grumble, “I cannot bear happiness!”

Once, when they went to contact him at 1 or 2 A.M., Dhondi Bua was seated in a temple. He had urinated and defecated near the front of the idol there. During mast contacts, one of the mandali was to distract the mast in conversation so that Baba could do whatever work he wanted to with them, usually by outwardly massaging their bodies or pressing their feet.

So Eruch asked Dhondi Bua, “What is this place where you are now?”

“Oh, this is a big temple of the Lord,” the mast replied. “It is a sanctified place.”

“Then how is it someone has excreted and urinated here?” Eruch pleaded.

Dhondi Bua reflected, “After all, what is a temple?”

Eruch answered, “A temple is a sacred place where God is installed. So naturally, people come to worship Him there.”

“No, no!” the mast explained in a clear tone. “God is everywhere! And because God is everywhere and all-pervading, man cannot lay his hand on Him. So what they do is to prepare some imaginary image of that God which they cannot handle, and they install it in a place called a temple.”

The mast concluded, “So, a temple is not a place for worshiping the Lord, it is a prison for the Lord! People imprison Him there!”

Dhondi Bua was quite robust and naked. He was staying in a room built of earth and his features were uniquely luminous. The mast had his strange habits. He would collect discarded beedies and smoke them by lighting them at municipal lamp posts. If anyone offered him a fresh beedie or cigarette, he would not take it, grumbling, “I cannot bear comfort!”

Baba was overjoyed at his contact with Dhondi Bua and would visit the mast often during this period. Baba would frequently mention him and wanted him kept at Satara, but the mast could not be persuaded to come.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 13, pp. 4567 – 4568.

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