Cyrus Daily Messages

NEARING CEYLON, Baba indicated that he wished to rest there for a month in solitude before returning to India. Baba, Kaka and Tod arrived in Colombo on January 12th, staying at the White Horse Hotel for three days.

On Sunday, January 15th, Baba traveled into the interior of Ceylon and stayed in a bungalow called Villa Valencia on a hill between the towns of Bandarawela and Diyatalawa, an area said to have the most equable climate in Ceylon. It was picturesque and a river of raging torrents ran through the deep ravine behind Baba’s bungalow, causing a ceaseless roar.

After settling in, Baba directed Kaka to find a spot where he could sit in seclusion for twenty-four hours, as Baba had done in Assisi. Searching through the small town of Bandarawela on January l9th, Tod and Kaka found a Buddhist temple at the end of a narrow lane. It looked like a suitable place and they showed it to Baba. A priest would not permit them to enter the temple, so they descended a few steps and came upon an open courtyard.

A door of an adjoining house opened and a very old man, who looked at least a hundred years old, came out. He seemed to immediately recognize Baba and he started talking to him through hand signs. Baba gestured back to him, “I want a room where I can be in seclusion without being disturbed for twenty-four hours.” The old man instantly understood and asked the Buddhist priest to open the temple and make a room in it available to him. Baba, however, changed his mind. Later, Baba remarked, “That old man was on the fourth plane. I will push him to the fifth plane when I leave Ceylon.” Baba’s wish to sit in seclusion was seemingly only a pretext for contacting this advanced soul.

Lord Meher, American ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 5, p. 1755.