Cyrus Daily Messages

Dear Baba-lovers,

Jai Baba!

The numbers of covid-19 cases in India were declining, which was a great relief for all. Because of this, the Government of India has now allowed many public places, including temples and hotels, to open for the public.

However during the last few days, the declining trend is reversed and in several places in Maharashtra, including Pune and Mumbai there is a slow but steady increase in number of new cases. Though the number is not yet alarming the authorities have attributed this increase to people not following the basic norms like wearing mask, not observing social distancing etc. In Mumbai the authorities have announced that if the increase in number of cases continues there may be another ‘lockdown’.

We do not look at Meherabad as just a place of pilgrimage. Here the visitors are not just pilgrims but they are more like people visiting their family. We feel responsible for their well-being.

We presently lack the volunteers necessary to take care of the health and well-being of Baba-lovers.

We have a number of carefully composed guidelines from our medical staff of what would be required for us to open. It is our full responsibility to ensure that we provide the safest possible environment to accommodate Baba pilgrims here, under the conditions imposed by coronavirus-19 and the newly discovered variants.

Even if we open the facilities now, we will have to close the same on 15t March, our usual closing time.

When we also consider that the current situation regarding vaccines has just begun, it seems most responsible and prudent for the Trust to open all our accommodation facilities on 15th June 2021. Baba willing, by then, covid-19 and its variants will be much more controlled by vaccines.

In His Love,