Cyrus Daily Messages

As they were returning that night to their hotel from an evening walk around the city, Baba suddenly stopped and stood in the street without moving. A half-minute later, he continued on to the hotel. Calling Tod to him, Baba spelled on the board, “I have just received from one of my agents a message saying that my presence is urgently needed in India.” The next morning, Baba directed Tod to go to the Cook’s Travel & Tours office, where a cable would be waiting. Tod did as instructed, found the cable just as Baba had said, and brought it back. Its cryptic message read: “Your presence is urgently needed in India to complete certain arrangements.”

Baba left Cairo on December 23rd (1932) and traveled out of the city to Helwan, where they stayed at the English Visitors’ Hotel. On Christmas Day of 1932, he went to Sakkara to see the most ancient pyramids, including King Zoser’s. Baba had wanted to go by train, but Tod suggested going by car and hired an antiquated model. There was no luggage rack, and Kaka had to arrange the luggage on the mudguard and running boards. It seldom rains in this part of Egypt, but this day it began raining heavily after five miles. Baba became very upset with Tod, who thereby learned not to make his own suggestions once Baba had expressed a preference.

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