Cyrus Daily Messages


Mention has been made about Aloba’s dark glasses. Baba had forbidden
Aloba to come before him for six months, as even the sunglasses did
not prevent Aloba from staring at Baba, or so Baba claimed. But hiding
here and there, as Baba would come and go between his house and the
hall, Aloba missed no chance to have a fleeting glimpse of Baba
whenever he could, and Baba would daily catch him. It went to such an
extent that Baba ordered Aloba to stay in Bombay for a month. He
reprimanded him, “Go and remain there for one month, because you are
making me angry every day, which is not proper. Put your bags in a
bullock cart and go to Ahmednagar in it. From there, leave immediately
for Bombay by train. I will call you back after a month.”
A bullock cart was hired from the village and Aloba’s luggage was put
in it. With a heavy heart, he left. But after going two miles, he
stopped a boy and sent Baba this message: “My living now is of no use.
I will put an end to my life.”Reading it, Baba had him sent back and harshly took him to task for
threatening to kill himself. Dhakephalkar had come to Meherazad that
day from Ahmednagar. Winking at him, Baba asked, “Now what should I do
with Aloba?”

Dhake replied, “His message is proof of his trouble-making intentions.
The police should be called to arrest him.”

Baba asked Aloba, “Are you going to Bombay or should I turn you over
to the police?” Aloba agreed to go, and left.

The fact of the matter was that Aloba often used to ask permission to
visit Bombay; while staying in Satara, he went many times. He had
owned a restaurant in Bombay, which he sold during the final stages of
the Satara residence, but some “karmic link” was still left over
somewhere. It was this attachment which Baba wished to snap once and
for all, because, after returning, Aloba never again talked of going
to Bombay.

Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 15, pp. 5250 – 5251.

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