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5th Annual Programme on Discovering the Avataric Treasure

Second Week of February 2015 at Meherabad
A.M.B.P.P.C. Trust Library Committee
Presentations Based on the Period Between 1922 and 1925

This is to invite presentations related to beloved Baba’s life and work covering the period after He assumed His Avataric role at the end of 1921 and before He began His silence in June 1925. This period was mostly spent by Baba in picking out and training His early mandali and also in setting up His early ashrams. Presentations based on any of the historical events of this period will be welcome for the 5th annual programme on Discovering the Avataric Treasure. Since these presentations will require serious effort, this announcement is being given in advance to allow the presenters sufficient time to create their presentations. The programme will run in four sessions on two days and will include PowerPoint presentations, short skits of 10 to 15 minutes each, and short films on any of the aspects of this particular period.

In our next e-mail, we would suggest a list of topics for presentations. However, one is free to choose one’s own presentation topic about the specified period.

In the 4th annual programme in February 2014, Baba’s God-realization phase was covered and His meeting of all the five Perfect Masters was discussed. This particular programme covered the period up to Baba’s 1921 meeting with Upasni Maharaj when Upasni bade Him farewell by declaring Him as the Ancient One. Naturally, the 5th annual programme will be covering the period after this meeting of Baba with Upasni Maharaj.

Interested Baba lovers should communicate their willingness to participate in this programme by submitting a short summary of their presentation topics to one of the e-mail addresses below, and final presentations should be sent by the middle of November 2014.

With most loving Jai Baba,
Gokaran Shrivastava, Librarian, Meherabad Hill Library
[email protected]
[email protected]
ph. 0241-2458473