Cyrus Daily Messages



On Sunday, September 29th, another meeting about the sahavas was held at Meherazad. Baba invited the Ahmednagar lovers, and Rustom Kaka entertained Baba with melodious singing. Accommodations for the Western lovers coming for the sahavas were discussed, and Sarosh and Viloo assured Baba they would be able to manage it. Baba repeated some statements which he had stated at an earlier meeting:

The work I do, to fulfill all that is ordained, releases a tremendous force that stamps my advent. When the Infinite and Changeless works through the finite and changing, the channels are necessarily varied and unlimited. The opposing forces created are tremendous, but also serve my work. In spite of the dark cloud facing me, I do my work ceaselessly. Part of my work, by June 1958, is to give my sahavas to hundreds of my followers.

Do not try to understand the method of my working. Do not worry or question. Just obey. The pain I have in the hip joint is one of the many distractions I have to reckon with while doing my work. Because unquestioning obedience and one hundred percent willingness to happily carry out my instructions and abide by my decision do help in my work, do not worry if my instructions seem contradictory or oscillating. I know what has to be done. I know how it is to be done. It is for you to do what I say. Do not be concerned with anything else.

Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 15, pp. 5227 – 5228.

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