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The next morning, March 1st, Baba called the women to the mast ashram at 8 A.M. Each was told to wash her hands and carry an article from Baba’s room. Mehera showed her anxiety at Baba’s working so tirelessly with the masts while fasting. Baba replied, “Fasting and bathing masts do not tire me, but I have been working internally very hard and have settled everything.”
Baba was working with the twenty-odd masts who had been brought from Meherabad, as well as Chatti Baba and Phulwala, who had been brought to the Links during the Bangalore stay. Besides these, other masts were daily being brought, and Baba was working with each one. (1)
Baba never explained why he always wished to be alone when he was working with the masts. But once, when Baba was sitting alone with Chatti Baba, and after both had been closeted in Baba’s room for about two hours, Eruch, who was on watch outside, got up to open the door. Just then, Chatti Baba brushed past him on the way out. Eruch felt a great shock, like an electrical current, pass through his body.

Chinna Swami was an interesting subtle-conscious mast staying in the Bangalore mast ashram. When he smoked he had the strange habit of often extinguishing his cigarette by putting the burning end in his mouth and chewing on it. Behind one of the mast’s huts was an electric pole which was not grounded properly. Everyone would avoid touching it, as it gave an unpleasant shock. But Chinna Swami would actually wrap his hands around the pole and hug it for hours, as if he were enjoying the sensation!

To give another idea of how unconscious masts were of their bodies, Phulwala, the sixth plane mast, used to suck a lump of lime with hydrogen peroxide, a substance so caustic an ordinary man would not have been able to touch his tongue to it.

A tea stall had been opened in one corner of the mast ashram on February 19th, where the masts could go at any time and drink tea and smoke beedies or cigarettes. A crude hand-painted sign was nailed up, reading “Mast Hotel.”

The masts apparently were delighted to have a place all their own to congregate. A singer had also been sent for from Ahmednagar, and each day Baba would gather the masts in his room to listen to music. Tears of ecstasy would flow from Chatti Baba’s eyes, as he sat listening to the music.

Our Age marveled at the wonderful sight.

The song of wine could be heard echoing
from these advanced souls on the inner planes.
The cadence of this song is quite distinct
and beyond human understanding.
The masts’ lives were burning into pure,
unadulterated wine in Bangalore,
as the Beloved’s song was sung
from every pore of their beings!

(1)  In Bangalore, Meher Baba continued his practice of cleaning the masts’ latrines and toilets.

Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 7, pp. 2524 – 2527.

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Bathing Lakhan Shah
Baba bathing Mast Lakhan Shah 
Baba with Chinna Swami, Bangalore
Baba with Mast Chinna Swami, Bangalore Ashram
Chatti Baba, Bangalore Ashram
Chatti Baba, Bangalore Ashram
Baba cleaning Masts' toilets
Baba cleaning Masts’ toilets