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Dear Baba-lovers,

Jai Baba!

Beloved Baba’s 120th Birth Anniversary celebrations goes on in Mumbai.

As part of the celebrations, the Avatar Meher Baba Kalyan Kendra had organized an evening of musical and talk at Maratha Mandir Sabhagruha, Kalyan.

The programme started at 5:00 pm sharp with the President of the Kalyan Kendra, Shri Kiran Joglekar welcoming the audience and giving an outline of the evening programme. He was also the emcee for the evening.

Prayers were offered to Beloved Baba by Shri ?Surendra Meshram of the Kalyan Kendra.

The bhajan mandali of Avatar Meher Baba Bombay Centre, Mumbai presented an hour-long musical on the life and times of Mirabai, one of the favourite Perfect Masters of Beloved Baba. The singers for the evening were Meherveena, Reema and Nihit, ably assisted by Meher Swaroop on tabla, Nimesh on the duff and Rohan on cymbals. The life story of Mirabai was splendidly interwoven with the bhajans and the narrative was done by Mehernosh?, Bombay Centre’s Secretary ?.

After a short break, Shri P.D. Pophali, Secretary of the Kalyan Kendra introduced the Speaker for the evening Shri Anna Khandale from Meherabad.

Shri Khandale, in his 50 minutes’ speech in simple and lucid Marathi emphasized the Divinity of Beloved Avatar Meher Baba and His stature in the spiritual hierarchy. The speech was laced with anecdotes and instances which brought home to the audience the fact of Baba’s Divinity and He being the Highest of the High and hence incomparable with any other saints, sadhus or such others on the path.

A vote of thanks was offered by the Vice President of the Kalyan Kendra, Shri Vilas Shinde.

The programme ended with Baba’s Arti and distribution of prasad.

Attached are a few photographs of the evening.

In Baba’s love,

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Shri Kiran Joglekar, President, was the emcee for the evening – Shri P.D.Phopli, Secretary, looks on..Phople looks on.JPG

Bhajans on Meerabai 1.JPG

Bhajans on Mirabai 2.JPG

A section of the audience.JPG

Shri P.D.Poplali,Secretary, introducing the Speaker for the evening, Shri Anna Khandale..Poplali introduces the Speaker for the evening, Shri Anna Khandale.JPG

Shri Anna Khandale – Speaker for the evening.JPG

Book Stall 1.JPG

Book Stall 2.JPG

Shri Vilas Shinde, Vice President, offering vote of thanks.JPG