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Dear Baba-lovers,

Jai Baba!

The birthday celebrations of Beloved Baba in Mumbai goes on.

?On ?March 22, 2014, the Centre had invited ?Gopi and his troupe from Hyderabad to perform for Baba ? at the Bai Bengallee Girls High School, New Marine Lines.

The function started at 5:00 ?pm ?sharp with Mehernosh Mehta, Hon.Secretary welcoming the performers and the audience. It was followed by prayers recited by Shanti Mistry and garlanding of Beloved Baba by Gopi and his troupe members.

?Cyrus Khambata, Vice President & Jt Hon. Secretary introduced GopalKrishna Meher, affectionately known as Gopi, by tracing his and the troupe members’ love for Baba to his great great grandfather N. S. Prakash Rao. Cyrus then narrated how Beloved Baba had orchestrated events culminating in Prakash Rao’s firm conviction in Baba as God in human form and making Prakash Rao instrumental in starting the first Baba Centre in Andhra Pradesh. Gopi then introduced his troupe members who were in fact his extended family. The troupe consisted of Phaninath and his son Meher Vivek, Giridhar and his son MeherTej B, MeherTej A on the harmonium, Meherwan, and the two brothers Meher Prasanna and Meher Kiran. The troupe was ably assisted by Meher Swaroop on the tabla.

Gopi san?g non-stop for almost two and half hours with every song followed by ?audible appreciation from the audience. The selection of devotional songs consisted of
bhajans ?composed by ?Balagopala ?Ramabhadra Raju, Bhaskara Raju, ?Bhauji, Madhusudan, Pratap and Prashant Ahir, Keshav N?. Nigam. ?The section of ghazals and qawalis had compositions of Jigar?, Kamil Hyderabadi? and Hazrat Shah ?Niyaz. And of course to top it all the composition of Beloved Baba, written under the pen-name of Huma was sung with heartfelt fervour?.

Cyrus explained the genesis of few songs and their meanings, and Pratap Ahir, Trustee, brought out the ?spiritual nuances of certain Urdu couplets in the ghazals.
?Pratap’s presence brought a different flavour to the evening when he reminisced his time with Beloved Baba ?during such musicals held before Baba. 

The devotional songs were in ?Telugu,? Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Urdu. The audience so appreciated ?Gopi’s ?singing that ?much after the stipulated time of two hours, the audience wanted more of his presentation. As he was about to end there was a request for “Baba Hu” ? which he readily complied with. The Hall was packed to capacity with an appreciative audience consisting of Baba-lovers and the general public. ?

Hoshang Dadachanji?, President, thanked the entire troupe for accepting ?the Centre’s invitation and handed a ?token of appreciation to each in the troupe?.

The programme ended past 7:4?5 pm with “Bujave N?aar Arti and distribution of prasad.

All in all a Babaful evening!

Attached are a few photographs of the evening.

In Baba’s love,

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Hon. Secretary, Mehernosh Mehta welcoming the Baba-lovers’ party from Hyderabad.JPG

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Gopi and party garlanding Beloved Baba..JPG

Gopi and party from Hyderabad performing for Beloved Baba.JPG

Felicitations by the President, Hoshang Dadachanji.JPG