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Dear Baba lovers,

Jai Baba!

As a part of our ongoing celebrations of Beloved Baba’s 120th Birth Anniversary, ?we had requested the “First Couple” of our Centre – Hoshang and Havovi Dadachanji ?to speak ?about their life and times with Beloved Baba.

The programme started at 5:00 pm sharp with Baba bhajans by the Centre’s bhajan mandali. Prayers were offered by Shant?i Mistry followed by garlanding of Beloved Baba by Hoshang and Havovi Dadachanji.

Mehernosh Mehta, Hon. Secretary, after making a few announcements, handed over the evening to the Couple.

Hoshang started the talk by asking a question “Why are we here today?” Answering the question himself, he stated, “Not to listen to us, but it is an invitation from our Lord and that is why we are here today and every other day of the week?; so we should all thank Baba first for bringing us here and allowing us to bow down to Him.

In his inimitable manner Hoshang said that Havovi and he, instead of doing the ?’?toss?’? ?o?n the field had debated at home as to who, between the two, should start the talk. Hoshang won because he had said, “Heads I win, tails you lose.” There was a roar of laughter. Hoshang, however, allowed Havovi to s?tart.

The trip down memory lane began with Havovi given the tall order of sharing her memories in Hindi instead of English. She readily took up the challenge and in her sweet child-like style did a good job of conveying her talk in Hindi, relying very little on English.

Havovi began her talk by reading out a prayer by Adi K. Irani, Baba’s Secretary?. She ?also ?shared that while being invited to speak about Baba at various Centres, they would be ?invariably ?told how fortunate they were to? ?have? ?see?n Baba. As Baba would have it, during one ?trip to the West, Havovi happened to visit a Church and she reached for the Bible kept there when a passage caught her eye wherein was mentioned Jesus Christ telling His disciples, “… You believe in Me because you have seen Me. Blessed are those who have not seen Me and yet believe in Me.” With this anecdote Havovi emphasized that we are all very blessed irrespective of whatever stage we have come into Beloved Baba’s fold.

She then narrated her journey to Baba starting from 1953? ?as a thoroughbred Parsi when she was just 17 years of age and betrothed to Hoshang. Humorous instances were recounted about how Baba shattered some of her conditioning. She came full circle in 1961, by then a mother and deeply in love with Baba.?

Hoshang in his inimitable style laced with humour centered his talk around how fortunate the entire Dadachanji family was to be given the opportunity to serve and love Baba. He narrated how the journey of the Dadachanjis began in the early 1920s with Framroze Dadachanji, Hoshang’s paternal ?uncle, being dejected with his life and on one fateful day making his way to commit suicide?? ?and how Baba orchestrated in not only saving his life but also inducting him in His Circle of disciples and making him Baba’s first Secretary. Chanji, as he was popularly called travelled with Baba several times to the West and ?the diaries he maintained have been the one ?major source of information about Baba’s Avataric ?early ?ministry on earth in this Advent.

Hoshang also narrated episodes concerning the ‘human side’ of the Avatar emphasizing as to how caring, loving and meticulous Baba was and that nothing escaped Baba’s attention. Baba was the most practical Master; ? that although Baba had at His command Infinite Knowledge, Infinite Power and Infinite Bliss, Baba never used them but functioned within? the framework of human laws.

?On a personal note Hoshang stated that under the most trying circumstances ? ?their family has felt that Baba had been with them, helping and guiding them. Hoshang stated that the Guru Prasad days were the most glorious days of his life when they would have free access to Beloved Baba’s physical Presence and?? ?partake of His Love and Grace.

Hoshang and Havovi took turns?, interspersed with a few light-hearted and good-natured digs at each other, ?that kept the narration interesting.

Havovi was particularly interested to share that Baba had never asked anyone to leave their own religion, a grossly misunderstood concept. On the contrary, Baba had said that in following Him, one should be a better Zoroastrian, a better Hindu, ?a better Muslim, ?a better Christian and so on. This could be achieved by following the core values and teachings of one’s own religion and not just the performance of external rituals and ceremonies.

She also spoke about the Navjote (Parsi thread ceremony) that Baba had performed and in later years, Mehera had also performed for some of the ?Baba-lovers’ children. Part of the message given by Baba ?on the occasion of the Navjote ?reads, “May Ahuramazd, Zoroaster, Meher ? Baba, free you from the superficial binding of Shariyat (rites and ? rituals) and help you to lead a life of Good Thoughts, Good Words, and? Good Deeds, and bestow on you the grace of loving Baba. I have given ? you this emblem of superficial binding to make you free from this? binding, and give you the real binding of Love.” ? ??

The evening ended with Baba’s Arti and Prasad.

Attached are two photographs of the evening.

In Baba’s love,


Mehernosh - March 30, 2014

Hon. Secretary, Mehernosh Mehta thanking Hoshang and Havovi

Havovi Hoshang sharing Mach 30, 2014


Hoshang and Havovi sharing their life & times with Beloved Baba