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11th Legacy Programme on Discovering the Avataric Treasure

Inviting presentations based on Baba’s life and work during 1952-53

An online presentation tentatively slated for March 2021

Jai Meher Baba

The 11th Legacy Programme slated for February 2021 could not be orgranised as per its annual schedule due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The facilities of the Trust are not available for organising any programme in the lines in which these programmes were organised before. But the online presentation facility is still open to organise such a programme provided the necessary support is offered by the presenters who were giving presentations for the last ten years and also by those who are interested to give any presentation for the 11th Legacy Programme, even if they have not made any presentations in previous programmes. In view of this, we are requesting all the Baba lovers all over the world to kindly pick up any topic from the given list for PowerPoint or video presentations.

Proposed Topics for the 11th Online Legacy Programme


Closing of Manonash
Trip to the West: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; journey to Oklahoma and the first automobile accident; and trip to New York, London, and Locarno
Complicated Free Life, Free Life, and Fiery Free Life phases
Beginning of dication of God Speaks in Dehradun in August 1953
Hamirpur darshan
Delhi darshan
Amraoti, Saoner, and Nagpur darshans
Andhra darshan tour
Dehra Dun trip
“Highest of the High” message
Work at Haridwar and Rishikesh
The publication of the first issue of The Awakener magazine
Baba’s sending Eruch and Pendu to India and Pakistan for six months of Baba work
Parvardigar Prayer’s dictation by Baba in September 1953
Repentance Prayer’s recitation in November 1952 at Meherabad
Any other topic of your choice from this period (1952-53)
Since this will be an online programme, you all are requested to kindly send to [email protected] your detailed presentations on any of the selected topics through an online transfer mode positively before 15th of February 2021. You are also requested to kindly send us your intention for making an online presentation for the March 2021 programme. For this, kindly send us a one paragraph long abstract of your presentation and the topic of your choice from the above list by 15th of January 2021. We will be able to announce the programme only after 15th February 2021 for the information of Baba lovers globally once we receive all presentations. Hope you will all continue to extend your support for this programme even if a live programme is not being organised.

Duration of the presentations: each presentation can be between half an hour to forty-five minutes. This notice may kindly be taken as an invitation only for making a concerning presentation in the proposed programme. This should not be taken as the announcement for viewing the programme since that announcement will be made separately for the benefit of all Baba lovers to view the programme. Thanking you very much. With best wishes and Jai Meher Baba. Brotherly yours, Gokaran Shrivastava, Meherabad, 26th October 2020

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